Guide Lines for Parents

  1. Parents/Guardians /Visitors are not allowed to enter the class room to meet students or interview the teachers during the school hours. In case of an urgent need for meeting the students or teachers, the Principal is to be contacted.

  2. Parents to keep a strict watch over their child to see if he/she ever brings articles which do not belong to him/her.

  3. Short leave or half day leave will not be allowed to students except on written request of parent, in case of emergency only. And parents have to escort their wards in such emergency from school.

  4. Parents/Guardians are earnestly requested to check the note books and diary of the students regularly and help the school to maintain a high standard.

  5. Phone calls for teachers or students during class hours will not be entertained.

  6. The diary is an essential part of every student’s outfit and should be brought to the school everyday as it also serves the means of communication between parents and teachers.

  7. All entries of absence, late coming, uniform etc. should be made n the diary and not on sheets of paper. Such thing is to be duly signed by the Principal/Classteacher/Subject teacher.